Köln 2010

Hier findet ihr alle Briefe die wir an Alessio gesendet haben und SEINE ANTWORTEN dazu!

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Köln 2010

Beitragvon mingi17 » 3. Aug 2010 08:24

Dear Alessio,

our very best greetings from our "workshop" in Cologne!

Besides culture and sightseeing (see below) we are preparing ourselves for "Art" and would like to know which role you are going to play.

Furthermore we read that the project "The Absinthe Drinkers" will finally be realized. Are you on board?

We found some more questions and hope that we will have an opportunity to ask you in persona a Milano and are looking forward to see you.

Baci e abbraccio da tutti noi.
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Antwort Alessios um 9:58 Vilnius-Zeit = 8.58 MEZ !!!!

Hi how's going in Cologne? In" Art" I'll play Serge and for the Absinther Drinkers I don't know when we'll start ,but i have a news I'll work whit one of the best of yours directors ,Margarethe Von Trotta ,I'll shoot in September in Italy ,a hug from Vilnius ,ciao a tutti ,Alessio

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