Hier findet ihr alle Briefe die wir an Alessio gesendet haben und SEINE ANTWORTEN dazu!

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Beitragvon mingi17 » 24. Nov 2009 09:31

Alessios Antwort vom 23.11,23.33

Hi...thank for your thought about "Complici del silenzio" and for the pictures i'll change its the next time...ciao,ciao a presto,Alessio.

--- Gio 19/11/09, Birgit ha scritto:

Da: Birgit
Oggetto: German Forum - Greetings from Weimar
A: "Alessio Boni" <alessioboni@yahoo.it>
Data: Giovedì 19 novembre 2009, 23:41

Dear Alessio,

our very best regards from our meeting in Weimar . As you can see: Mr. Goethe and Mr. Schiller joined us and took us home, we saw their houses and a lot of this nice little town

Hier ist ein Bild der Gruppe vor dem Denkmal mit Goethe und Schiller zu sehen

And of course our forum “worked” (see below!). We had a lot of fun, laughter and talks. We discussed your new films. Fortunately the DVD of “Complici del silenzio” arrived just in time so that some of us could see it together. We suffered with you. It is a grave film on a theme that should not be forgotten on one side, giving hope on the other side by the love story.

And there is one point we want to ask you: in your own homepage in your “Book fotografici” there are beautiful pictures showing a good-looking young man. But there are no pictures of the attractive and interesting man you are now, allow us to say that. There are such beautiful pictures of recent times, why don’t you add some, for example the “blue” ones, here is the link to what we mean, (f29t124-fotos-von-alessio-4-nur-fotos.html?start=270).

As to Rome , we are really soooooooo happy to meet you. If it should be a problem for you to meet us on Friday: the whole group is in Rome also on Saturday, not in the performance, but we are somewhere around.

Well, below you can see our forum at work:

Hier ist ein Bild der Gruppe im "Schwarzen Bären", teilweise mit gefüllten Weingläsern

In this case we cheered our dear friend Alessio.

With a big hug from all of us, looking forward to see you soon and we wish you “Hals- und Beinbruch – in bocca al lupo” for the new start of your tour with “Il Dio della carneficina”

Birgit for the Forum
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