Gratulation April 2010

Hier findet ihr alle Briefe die wir an Alessio gesendet haben und SEINE ANTWORTEN dazu!

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Gratulation April 2010

Beitragvon mingi17 » 28. Apr 2010 06:46

Thank's always for your attentions and for your congratulations , johnny is Johnny but also Adriano is Adriano , i'm jocking , the next year i'll be on the stage with another script of Yasmine Reza "Art", but not a Rome in Milan ...all the best ,kisses Alessio.

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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 23:19:55 +0200
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Subject: German Forum - Congratulations

Dear Alessio,

congratulations on the awards for „Caravaggio“ in the Sicilian Film Festival in Miami. It is a wonderful movie and the way you play this great painter is marvellous.

Siamo tutti pazzi per Adriano, we all love Adriano and we are curious how the story goes on! If Monica should not want him – send him across the Alps, he is welcome! He is a person you can only love. In fact, you are gorgous in this part! You are a completely different person, really great, and we would be very happy to see you in more parts like this where you can show your comical talent and where nobody tortures or kills you.

We also read with great pleasure that you are in the cast of „The tourist“ by Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck together with Johnny Depp – whoever this Johnny Depp may be:-))??? (just joking, we also like him);this movie will surely come to Germany.

In some of your interviews you are talking about plans concerning theater. Can you already tell us if you will be on stage next season? You should know that if so we have to start and save our money for a new Rome trip:-)) Of course we hope that we can go on with our meanwhile almost traditional „walk through Roman nights with Alessio“.

Our very best wishe to you, hoping that you are well. Have a nice time in Russia, we are curious to hear more about „I cerchi nel'acqua“.

Tanti saluti, baci e un grande abbraccio

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