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Re: Neuigkeiten - hier bitte keine Kommentare-Novità-News

Beitragvon mingi17 » 23. Mär 2020 08:48

Alessio Boni and Nina Verdelli parents: born Lorenzo, the first child for the couple
Elen -
March 22, 2020

Alessio Boni and Nina Verdelli are parents, was born their first son Lorenzo. To give the news is the weekly magazine Chi, which is know as the actor and the journalist would have “attacked the blue ribbon” in the last few hours. Alessio Boni had spoken of the expectation of becoming a parent a few weeks ago, in an interview with, saying that he was not at all frightened by the prospect of conflict between the work and the time to dedicate to the family:

No, things go in a natural way. I can’t even. It all happened in a natural way and will continue to scroll in a natural way. If you need to take time for my son, I will take them with calm and say no to certain jobs. Are clear.

The words of Alessio Boni on Nina Verdelli

Although the marriage is not in the programs of the couple, Alessio Boni does not deny how the meeting with the journalist has changed his life, as stated long ago in the weekly People. The actor opens his heart to the weekly and said: “you and I both, we found, is how they play the same score. I’m not afraid of the age difference, because between the two the older one is Nina. It is wiser, calmer, more patient me. There is the project of having a child, maybe more than one. I would not mind to become a father at the age of 53, I am ready and I know that I would enrich. Marriage? No, never! I don’t need someone to dedicate what I feel and even Nina agrees.”
Who is Nina Verdelli

Nina Verdelli is the daughter of the daughter of Cipriana Dell’orto, former director of the Modern Woman, and Carlo Verdelli well-known journalist and currently director of the newspaper “The Republic”. Following in the footsteps of his parents, the young Nina he started his career as a journalist, after his stay in New York, in fact, decided to turn his passion n in the work of his life, becoming one of the signatures to the most reliable of the Italian press, writing mostly for weekly newspapers such as Vanity Fair, although his first collaboration in the world of journalism, women, dates back to 2013 when he started working for the head of Glamour. From journalism to publishing, Nina Verdelli continued her career with the publication of his first book, “a Short sad story”, which recounts the small misfortunes of every day, relying on the structure of haiku in japanese, which are small essays in which he recounts anecdotes taken from the various domains of daily life, from the television series, from history, from books. ... eTRSv8-Czk
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Re: Neuigkeiten - hier bitte keine Kommentare-Novità-News

Beitragvon mingi17 » 24. Mär 2020 17:16

Ich habe Alessio in unser aller Namen gratuliert:

In questi brutti momenti, abbiamo ricevuto buone notizie: Lorenzo ha visto la luce del giorno.

Complimenti per la nascita del vostro bellissimo bambino! Benvenuto nel mondo. Vi auguriamo che la gioia e l’emozione del giorno della nascita del vostro bimbo vi accompagni per tutta la vita. Tanti auguri!

Le ragazze dal Forum Tedesco e Alessio Boni - Deutsches Forum su facebook
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