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Charmaines Reise zu Alessio 2011

BeitragVerfasst: 3. Mär 2011 18:44
von mingi17
von Charmaine » Mi 2. Mär 2011, 17:59
Hi Girls,

Greetings form Johannesburg and I can feel that autumn is in the air.

I hope you are all well.

Wow what an experience!!! I booked my seat for the performance the Saturday evening in the front row of the theater and it was just great to see Alessio so close on stage performing live. Alessandro Haber & Gigio Alberti was also great and although I did not understand the language I could grasp the story line. Art was performed so well that I think even for somebody that did not read about the play would have understood what it was all about.

The theater experience was once in a live time for me and it was just great. Saturday evening the audience just clapped and clapped and clapped their hands and it was awesome. Sunday evening my seat was more up in the theater and it was great to see the performance from another height and distance. But I found the people was very rude, they talked during the performance, eating and at the end when the three actors came back on stage people was starting to leave the theater. This for me was very rude eventually they just closed the curtains. That was a pity.

I got a big help from Brigit who assisted me in meeting Alessio as the girls met him the previous week and I was on my own there a week later. I can not describe the feeling to have stood in front of him, meeting him it was a dream come true. But I was very nervous though Brigit insured me that Alessio is a nice guy and completely uncomplicated still I was very, very, very nervous.

There were also a lot of fans and I really had to worm myself to the front to have been able to speak to him. What a wonderful man, the minute he heard that I was from South Africa he was very pleased to meet me, I got a big hug and a wonderful smile. We spoke about the performance the forum and he asked me if I understood and enjoyed the performance. I also asked Alessio to sign my War & Peace disk holder which he did with kindness. The photo did not come out and I must say my camera was not on my side and I had to go back the Sunday evening for another photo (which was blur), and being the gentleman Alessio is he had no problem with that.

But time was also not on my side , there were so many questions I still wanted to ask him but there were other fans as well and I felt that it is not fair to them if I took up to much of his time.

I so look forward to the next performance to meet all of you and to be part of the group, you are my Alessio family and it is just great. Now I see that it might be in December well I will have to save up for this one as I am now flat broke. I also hope it will be in the first few weeks of January 2012 it will be better after Christmas.

I found Milano a busy, big city and enjoyed the Last Supper and the hop on hop of city tour of the city center of Milan. But Bergamo was stunning just very cold. Vilongo is truly a small village it took me basically 3 hours and I did the whole city by foot. Sarnico was just as beautiful I did not go to the lakes and was just in the main street but a lovely little town.

My trip was truly a wonderful experience one that I will certainly never forget. Thank you once again Brigit from the bottom of my hart without your input I would not have met this wonderful, kind and handsome actor – Alessio Boni.


Re: Charmaines Reise zu Alessio 2011

BeitragVerfasst: 3. Mär 2011 18:50
von mingi17
Charmaine hat ja auch Bergamo, Sarnico und Villongo besucht und stellt uns ihre Bilder zur Verfügung, die ich für sie reinstellen werde.

Hier eine Ansicht von Bergamo mit Unter- und Oberstadt
BERGAMO k.jpg (231.98 KiB) 2998-mal betrachtet

Das ist Polentakuchen, eine Spezialität aus Bergamo, bei Diät nicht zuempfehlen!!
POLENTA CAKES k.jpg (196.08 KiB) 2999-mal betrachtet

Re: Charmaines Reise zu Alessio 2011

BeitragVerfasst: 4. Mär 2011 21:30
von mingi17
VILLONGO 2 k.jpg
VILLONGO 2 k.jpg (170.42 KiB) 2960-mal betrachtet

VILLONGO k.jpg (177.99 KiB) 2960-mal betrachtet

SARNICO k.jpg (249.99 KiB) 2959-mal betrachtet