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Gratulation Nastro Azzurro September 2010

BeitragVerfasst: 9. Sep 2010 13:40
von mingi17
R: German Forum - Congratulations
Alessio Boni
An: p , Donnerstag, 12:14

<thanks baci a tutte,Alessio.

Da: p
Oggetto: German Forum - Congratulations
A: "Alessio Boni" <>
Data: Domenica 5 settembre 2010, 22:52

Dear Alessio,
congratulations on the "Nastro Azzurro"!! We appreciate the recognition you get for your work and your attitude and are proud that you allow us to accompany you.

By the way: we have already seen photos of the photocall from this morning and we found you are looking relaxed, happy - simply great!

Non vediamo l'ora di incontrarti a Milano!
Baci e abbraccio dal tuo forum tedesco