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Rom-Tipps von "unserem" Hotel Smeraldo

BeitragVerfasst: 25. Okt 2013 11:48
von mingi17

"Unser"Hotel Smeraldo veröffentlicht seit einiger Zeit immer wieder Supertipps für Romreisende/Italienreisende, die ich euch gerne weitergeben möchte (mit Erlaubnis!). Wenn Probleme mit dem Englischen sind, meldet euch bitte, dann übersetze ich.

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BeitragVerfasst: 25. Okt 2013 11:48
von mingi17
Hotel Smeraldo
Eating in Rome: 10 food tips when eating in the Eternal City (in Italy too)

Yesterday we had an interesting chatting with some lovely guests regarding the big difference between what abroad is considered Italian and what is effectively Italian.

We took ispiration from this and today we want to make a little recap of what is part of the Italian food culture and what effectively not...

#1 - We use to drink (during a traditional meal) only water and a good glass of wine (red or white).. so no cappuccino or coke please! Only drinks that will not cover the taste of the specialities you are going to enjoy!

#2 - The world famous "Fettuccine Alfredo" does not exsist in the Italian culture, as spaghetti with meat balls. If you want a classical first course just ask for "amatriciana", "carbonara" of "cacio e pepe"!

#3 - If you want to remain on the light side and want to order a big salad do not ask for salad dressing! In Italy it nearly doesn't exists... try just some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar: your taste and health will be satisfied!

#4 - Wait to eat plain bread with your meal: table bread is more of a utensil than an eat-alone food. It's often used as the main tool to fare la scarpetta (do the little shoe): the action of mopping up any delicious-ness left on your plate after a meal, the final pleasure of a delicious plate!

#5 - Have your cappuccino before noon, maybe paired with a fragrant pastry... after this time only coffee!
(Tip in the tip: if you want to find a middle solution try the "GranCaffè" at Sant'Eustachio coffee bar... a creamy and smooth version of the classic Espresso).


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BeitragVerfasst: 29. Okt 2013 15:04
von mingi17
Tip of the day: Walking in Rome

Directly from the official website of the City of Rome an interesting article about a lovely "passeggiata".. from the Rose park, trough amazing sites.. arriving to the famous neighborhood of the Hotel!

Reading will take fewminutes.. but it worth your time!

"Take advantage of our offer of an itinerary filled with sightseeing and art with no shortage of absolute masterpieces for you to enjoy completely free of charge.
Well worth a visit before the 16th of june is the Rome Rose Garden (Roseto Comunale), located opposite Circus Maximus. This small park, completely dedicated to roses, is a feast for the eyes open only during the blooming period. Nowadays Circus Maximus is unfortunately only driven past by Romans and remembered mainly for the music concerts of Antonello Venditti, yet it was the most famous stadium in antiquity. Its terraces could accommodate over 250,000 spectators. Once inside, however, the chariot scene from “Ben Hur” springs to mind, providing a good excuse to revisit the old films about ancient Rome filmed at Cinecittà – “Hollywood on the Tiber”.
A stone’s throw from here is the Aventine Hill. To find such a quiet spot to walk in so near the centre is in itself an unusual experience, but we can also suggest two more charming places. These are Parco degli Aranci (park of the orange trees) with its panoramic terrace, and Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta designed by Giovan Battista Piranesi, with its wealth of Egyptian and alchemical symbols, and its unique view revealed by looking through its keyhole – a lovely surprise for the uninitiated.
From the Aventine Hill follow Vicolo Savello towards the banks of the Tiber River. If you forget you’re in a city for a moment, you can easily imagine being in a medieval hamlet. Heading back towards the centre, if you have never seen it before, the Bocca della Verità (‘mouth of truth’) in the portico of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin is a must-see. However, if you’ve told any lies recently, you may not be brave enough to put your hand in its mouth – you never know what might happen.
The next leg takes you to Piazza Venezia and the staircase that leads to Piazza del Campidoglio. The statue of Marcus Aurelius is a copy, but the square designed by Michelangelo is worth visiting. Behind here a short descent leads to a small square that provides the best panoramic view of the Roman Forum with the Colosseum in the distance.
Returning to Piazza Venezia in the direction of Piazza Navona, the first stop is the Pantheon, built by Emperor Hadrian in 125 AD. It was initially dedicated to the cult of all gods, but now houses the tombs of the kings of Italy. The perfect hemisphere of the dome is astonishing, and is the largest ever built in concrete. The light penetrates through the oculus, a circular opening 9 metres wide at the top of the dome.
A short distance away you will find two unmissable churches. In both you can see works by Caravaggio. In the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi is The Calling of Saint Matthew with its strikingly modern use of light. In the Church of San’Agostinois the Madonna of Loreto, also known as the Madonna of the Pilgrims.
Your walk ends in Piazza Navona, one of the symbols of the city. The square was built on the ruins of a Roman stadium and you can still make out its ancient footprint. If you wish, you can take a welcome rest in the centre of the square at the Fontana dei Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini."


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BeitragVerfasst: 2. Nov 2013 12:47
von mingi17

are you looking for a nice quite not turistic fish restaurant where to eat?
Then just around the hotel you will find this very small trattoria with fresh fish and very good white wine selection! Try bruschetta with octopus in tomato sauce and grilled seafood and the fried zucchini blossoms...

where: via di grotta pinta 8

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BeitragVerfasst: 2. Dez 2013 11:55
von mingi17
Eating in Rome: Flavio al Velavevodetto

Eating in Rome could be an amazing experience, but eating good at a reasonable price could be slightly difficult.
Plus, if you are in Rome you want to eat Roman and this option is a difficult goal... only few places are great (!) and we are so happy to share with you another discover from the weekend.

For many Romans this is not a "new in" because is an histroic restaurant but for us this is a new entry that we won't forget!

(All our tips are 100% this case just yesterday!)

Located in the ancient area of Testaccio this restaurant is always sold out (reserve in advance!), but the food experience is heavenly!

Eating Roman specialities sometimes could be hard because our tradition is not on the "light side" of diet, and it is easy to find dishes with low quality and tons of fats.. in this case the tradition is well balanced and taste is given by fantastic materials and not liters of oil.

Even if everything you'll take is a good option here you are our favourites

- Ravioli alla Velavevodetto (homemade pasta filled with ricotta and mint)
- Meatballs (remeber: we DO NOT HAVE pasta with meatballs but just meatballs...)
- Roasted pork with potatoes


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BeitragVerfasst: 10. Dez 2013 16:22
von mingi17
Walking in Rome - Rome's heart Edition

The best way to discover a city (Rome in particular) is walking.
As you know - for this reason - our location is perfect and today the official website of the city of rome shared an article that celebrate our neighborhood "Walking in the heart of Rome"...

An overview on all the beauty that surrounds us... good reading!

"Our promenade starts from one of the most fashionable piazzas of the capital: Campo de’ Fiori. The open-air market, in the morning, and the evening attractions of the bars and the restaurants of the area, the crowds of young people thronging them especially in the warm season, make this piazza always full of life. The lively, noisy atmosphere one breathes in this piazza contrasts with the austere statue of Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake precisely here.
There are many little shops and workshops where you can linger in the little lanes of the area.
You just have to cross Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and you will find yourself in Piazza Navona. Established on the ashes of the Circo di Domiziano (Circus of Domitian), where athletics competitions, games and horse races took place, today it is one of the most elegant and lively piazzas of Rome. Surrounded by bars with their little outside tables, shops and restaurants, the piazza has three splendid fountains including that of the Quattro Fiumi (Four Rivers), for which Bernini was commissioned on the occasion of the Jubilee of 1650. Piazza Navona is enlivened every day by many artists who with their art succeed in just a few minutes in capturing the features and the typical expressions of those being depicted.
Through the years this has always remained one of the favourite meeting places of Romans during Carnival, at Christmas and at Epiphany. According to tradition, 8 December marks the start in the piazza of the Christmas market with all its artistic and modern cribs, handicrafts and, naturally, confectionery. The market ends with Epiphany, the evening between 5 and 6 January, when grown-ups and children alike assemble to await the arrival of the Befana (a kindly old witch bringing gifts).
All you have to do is turn the corner, and you are in the antiquarian’s paradise: lamps, tables and desks are set out invitingly in the glittering shop windows of the antique dealers in Via dei Coronari.
And also just a few steps from Piazza Navona is the splendid Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, where three of Caravaggio’s masterpieces may be admired.
Our highly interesting promenade next brings us to the nearby Piazza della Rotonda, where the Pantheon stands. This monument has come down through the centuries almost unscathed, and the aspect that we admire is that which it had in ancient times. Dedicated to all the gods, it has no windows, just a single opening in the vault of about 9 metres, this being its only source of natural light.
This is just the district for a coffee break: by tradition, we advise you to call in for coffee at the Sant’Eustachio bar, which seems to be the best one in Rome. The secret? Try to discover it!
While you are walking towards Piazza di Spagna, especially if it is a lovely sunny day, you should really not miss the chance of visiting a little square that seems one from another age, considering it is only a few steps away from the noisy confusion of Via del Corso: Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina. It is one of the loveliest “piazza-salons” in the city, a typical rendezvous for an aperitif in one of the various bars with tables in the open. Comfortably seated, you can better enjoy the view of the church of the same name, inside which is the Cappella Fonseca, designed by Bernini."

Das nächste Mal, wenn wir unsern Alessio Boni in Rom besuchen, machen wir das mit der Piazza San Lorenzo

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BeitragVerfasst: 12. Feb 2014 13:39
von mingi17
ip of the day: Aventino Hill

Sometimes the soul of a city can be reached outside the classic circuit and in Rome's case a good way to escape lines and crowds is to have a walk trough the Aventino Hill.

It is ringed with very important churches, monasteries an gardens.
Our trip can start from Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta designed in 1765 by the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Piranesi.
From here you can get a picture of St. Peter's Dome from the hole of the green door as below...
Once yu've taken your picture to the right of you is the Basilica Ss. Santi Bonifacio e Alessio. Behind you and a little to your left is Sant'Anselmo.
In particular the little garden to the left of Sant'Alessio is called the Giardino Storico di Sant'Alessio and offers some nice views up the Tiber towards the center of Rome.

Now you are ready to reach the Basilica of Santa Sabina, Rome's oldest major basilica.
It is one of the most popular churches for weddings because even if it is quite simple iniside it is beautiful...!
Outside you can also see one of the columns from what is presumed to be a remnant of the Temple of Juno that occupied the site before construction of Santa Sabina.

When you come out of the Basilica follow the wall out towards the street, pass the interesting fountain that floods the bathtub, and turn left into the walled orange garden. A walkway will take you to a romantic view platform with views toward the Vatican and the Capitoline hill. The susnet from here is amazing... enjoy!

If now is the time of a snack or a lunch/dinner just walk down to the hill and get inside the atmosphere of Testaccio: it's reaustarnt are the best example of the Roman cuisine as you can read from our latest posts (i.e. Flavio al Velavevodetto and Felice a testaccio).

Diesen Trip werde ich beim nächsten Rom-Besuch machen!

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BeitragVerfasst: 24. Feb 2014 23:43
von mingi17
Hotel Smeraldo
Tip of the day: Palazzo Massimo

Close to Termini Station, this museum is not so much sponsored in guides while it holds collections of Ancient Roman works of art, coins and jewellery belonging to the Museo Nazionale Romano which were previously displayed in the Museum's Terme di Diocleziano complex.

Organisation and description of the exhibit:

The exhibition is distributed over three floors of the Palazzo Massimo. In the basement are located the Numismatic and Jewellery collection, while the first and second floors contain the museum's many fine ancient works of art.

The Numismatic collection consist of collections previously kept in private hands (those of the Museo Kircheriano, Francesco Gnecchi and King Victor Emanuel III of Italy) and coins from the most important discoveries of coin hoards (in a literal sense "buried treasure") discovered in Rome and the surrounding Latium region. The exhibit illustrates the story of money, from its origins to its function in modern times, describing the complicated social, political and economic aspects of coinage.

Adjoining the large hall dedicated to the coin collections are display cases containing pieces of jewellery discovered in ancient burial grounds in Rome and its suburbs, which illustrate the history and evolution of fashion and costume in the Roman Empire.

The collection of ancient works of art, covering the first and second floors of the palace, include many celebrated examples of Roman art dating from the late Republican period to the end of the Roman Empire, as well as several original Greek works discovered during excavations in the Gardens of Sallust.

On the ground floor, a rich display of portraits, enhanced by mosaics, inscriptions and sculptures, document of two eras which revolutionised Roman society the first occurring after the conquest of Greece and the second during the transformation of the Roman State from Republic to a great Mediterranean empire. On the first floor, several well-known quotations taken from ancient texts describe Roman taste for certain styles and schools of art. This helps the viewer understand above all the design and decoration of great Roman imperial building complexes such as Hadrian's Villa and the Golden House of Nero.

The Roman's love for luxury goods designed to evoke the legendary splendour of the Hellenistic courts is demonstrated by the collection of bronze ornaments from the Emperor Caligula's great pleasure barges kept in ancient times on Lake Nemi close to Rome and excavated from that lake's depths in the early 20th century.

Other unique objects, including the Portonaccio Sarcophagus, the Sarcophagus of the Muses and an extensive series of family portraits from various imperial dynasties, reveal the marked changes in the content and style of Roman artistic production during the period of Late Antiquity, mirroring the troubled state of the empire during its slow demise.

The palace's second floor is reserved for the exhibit of important Roman sculptures, mosaics and pictures from ancient villas in Rome and its environs. Deserving of special mention in this collection are the frescoes and stucco-designs from a Roman villa found on the grounds of the villa Farnesina on the via Lungara. These are very complete examples of the refined and classical-taste of the Augustan Age (early first century AD). Another outstanding work in the collection is the barrel-valued chamber containing the frescoes from an underground room of Livia's villa at Prima Porta, which are among the best conserved illustrations of an ancient Roman garden.

Steht auch auf meiner Liste, sollte mal ein nicht so schöner Tag sein. Es sind unglaubliche Kunstwerke dort zu sehen.

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von mingi17
Eating in Rome: Armando al Pantheon

Unfortuately the center of our beautiful city has a lack of good food offer: too many restaurants made just for tourists with tasteless menù (do yu rememeber our post "how to avoid tousists restaurants?).

In this jungle of bad offer since generations there is a place in the heart of the heart of the city where the tradition is still at the fist place and where you can taste a real roman cuisine.
The address is just on the Pantheon Square and the name is Armando al Pantheon, you'll need to reserve a table in advance but their artchokes and first courses (gricia is heavenly...) will makes you happy!


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von mingi17
Zia Rosetta
Via Urbana, 54 -
- Rione Monti, Roma -

Rome's Street Foof: Zia Rosetta

If you are planning to visit the Colosseum, our suggestion is to have a relaxing walk also to the lovely neighborhood of Monti.

We spoke in our old posts about it and today we want to suggest a special place where to grab the most Roman veriosn of Street Food.

As you may noticed, bread is one of the most important part of a Roman meal and the variety of it is awesome: but ther is a type that is the most typical and it's name is "Rosetta", rounded and extremely fragrant and crusty... definetely a must!

In the heart of this area you will find a little (and crowded!) place where Rosetta is the star: filled with the excellence of other local specialities.. it is quite impossible to share our favourites... we are still trying all their selection!

Small or reguar, it could become the perfect quick lunh after your moring walk trough the amazing Forum... enjoy!