Wir sind ein offizielles deutsches Alessio Boni Forum!

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Wir sind ein offizielles deutsches Alessio Boni Forum!

Beitragvon Natascha » 8. Feb 2008 20:53

Wir sind ein offizielles deutsches Alessio Boni Forum.
Dies soll hier gesagt werden um alle Zweifel etc aus der Welt zu schaffen.
Um dies zu beweisen poste ich hier die Antwort Alessios auf Mingis Anfrage
(Danke Mingi!!!!)

Mingis Mail:
Dear Alessio,
> You may have heard that we opened a German Forum
> (http://alessioboni.siteboard.eu) because all of us
> agree that you are a wonderful actor. We did it
> without asking your permission to use you name, what
> we want to do now. We further want to ask your
> permission to call us "Official German Alessio Boni
> Forum" or "..Fan Club". We hope that you agree.
> Another problem is: we would like to see much more
> of your movies and TV-productions, but as far as we
> are informed there are only a few of them existing
> in a German version up to now. The German TV ist not
> rally willing or able to settle our problem. As an
> actor you know the movie and TV-scene and how ist
> works. Maybe you could give us a piece of advice
> what we can do, whom we could ask.
> Thank you very much in advance, our best regards
> from Germany and Austria, looking foreward to your
> answer

Thank you so much to everybody,i'm agree for
the"Official German Alessio Boni Forum"i think it's
better than "Fan Club" ,and for find more movies you
have to contact the web side of Rai,there is a section
where they sell movies,ciao and a big hug from Rome
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